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Anchor Bridge

Anchor Bridge Long Zip Wallet

Brand : Anchor Bridge
Product name : Long Zip Wallet
Color : Kudu / Camel,
Kudu / Dark Brown,
Vachetta / Camel,
Horween Horse / Beige,
Horween Horse / Dark Brown
Price : 35,000(JPY)
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Anchor Bridge adhere to the design made from the meaning that any devices have essentially, and produce the items by the sight of craftworkers.
Like a beautiful bridge is consisted by structural design the between aesthetics and originality.
This time, they produce long zip wallets of KUDU (Camel / Dark brown), Vachetta, and Hoween Horse (Beige / Dark brown) leather.
KUDU leather is made by "Charles F Stead" of leather tanner based in the UK. They usually provide swede leather to "Clarks".
KUDU leather have the strength of cow leather and flexibility of serow and antelope leather.
Vachetta leather is dyed by arboreal tanned on all processes with no chemicals.
Horween Horse leather is that one side is a tanned leather (Beige) and the other side is chrome leather (Dark Brown), so they produced the leather wallet of the each surfaces.
Please enjoy Anchor Bridge items with your favorite leather.
*It would take around 3 weeks for producing for the leather wallet.
We appreciate for your understanding.

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